The Secret To Making Money From Parking Domains

Discover The Secret To Making Money From Parking Domains:
From Peter Johnson, Domain Parking Expert.
Do you own unused domain names which are just sitting around gathering dust?? Did you know you could be making money from them right now, barely lifting a finger?

WhyPark allows you to make money from your unused domain names - and it takes only 5 minutes to set up. Don't risk having your domain name blacklisted with free domain parking services! Put 100% of the revenue back in your pocket where it belongs! Discover WhyPark and never worry about unused domain names again.

Why WhyPark?
Why Park allows user's to transform their unused or parking domains into content-rich revenue producing websites. If you are sick and tired of traditional paid domain parking services where you earn very little of the actual revenue generated from your potentially profitable domain names, then Why Park will open your eyes.

Within 5 minutes you can have your website uploaded and the unique Why Park system will automatically display fresh articles and press releases designed for SEO and driving revenue from Ad Networks such as Google Adsense and YSM. Over time your website will increase in PR and have a steady flow of targeted traffic. It is truly unlike any other domain parking service available.

Don't Get Your Domain Name Blacklisted!Currently many free domain parking services are being penalised by the major search engines. This could mean your well chosen domain name becomes blacklisted - which could take months or years to recover from. I learned this lesson the hard way- and trust me it is not something you want to risk. It is vital to choose a domain parking service which is optimised for search engines. This is what truly sets Why Park apart from the competition.

How It Works?
All it takes is 5 minutes to set up your domain name on WhyPark. You simply change your nameserver's for your domain to those of WhyPark (instructions provided). Then enter the details of your site into the following setup form - Domain Name, Keywords, Description, Adsense or YSM details etc. Finally choose the template which appeals to you, and you are done!

Why Park will then auto-create your mini-site full of fresh content that is rotated daily and optimized to be loved by all search engines. The content is highly relevant as it is directly related to your keywords.

For this reason you are guaranteed to get targeted traffic, and a steady flow of income. Further to this you will have a 'site for sale' link where you can engage customers and sell your domain name, as well as an affiliate link where you can make over $45 commission per person you reccomend to Why Park.

Simplicity & Ease of Use
The process for setting up a new site is simple:- Setup your domain name to be hosted with by changing your domain name to use our nameservers (instructions provided)
- Choose your keywords, enter a description and paste your Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network or any other advertising network's code into the online form (view screenshot)
- Your site is ready! We do the rest instantly!
- No HTML, FTP, or any programming knowledge is required
- There is nothing to download or install
- No updating required. We supply the fresh content to your site
- You don't even need to know about web hosting. hosts your domain names and sites

What Are The Limits?
You can host up to 100 domain names on the 1 WhyPark account. Hosting is entirely free. There is little competition for such a unique service, which ensures you get 100% of the revenue for all your parked domains.

What Are The Benefits?- Make Money From Unused Domains - No Longer Waste Money On Domain Parking
- Host Up To 100 Domains Free Of Charge
- 5 Minutes Set Up Per Domain - Content-Rich Site Automatically Created In Minutes!
- Sell Your Site When You Are Ready - Link Included For Visitors
- Affiliate Link Included - Make Money Referring Visitors To Why Park
- Money Back Guarantee - 56 Days Unconditional

Stop parking your domain names and start driving traffic and revenue.